Year 1954
the company wolfgang graf - electromotors
is active at since 1954 in the service of electromotors and devices
In the year 1954 of Josef Graf, base as factory for electric motors-production

 Our Company of 1954

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in the age of direct current and the infancy of electric motors.
we already flexibility became and particularly on the needs on precision,  
the customers largest value put. 
Later itself even 50 years is this philosophy nothing modified.  


mercury steam electric rectifier from the year 1922
for the direct current generation system in our company uses

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exhibit from our office

with our factory for engine production we had specialized also after customers
 need in sewing machine engines and washing machine engines.
also all of standard electricmotors.

electricmotor made by 
"JOSEF GRAF" build at 1955

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Year 2007
as modern and mall company, we are mainly busy with services for our customers.
 repairs, electro technical parts and european trade marks,
with drive solutions of all components on the all-highest quality class.


we attach particular importance to the good cooparation with our costmers.
to the slogan "the customer is the king".
later itself even 50 years at this philosophy nothing modified.